Shane McGregor


Shall be responsible for maintaining that the Management Committee adheres to the Club Constitution and aligns its strategy with the current Club Strategic Plan. Shall be responsible as chairperson of all Management Committee meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings unless absent at the designated time of the meeting.

Sarah Eckel


Shall be responsible for inter and intra club communication, incorporating a range of communication tasks within the Management Committee, directed to the members and with the state body Athletics SA on the Club’s behalf. The Secretary shall be responsible for the chair of meetings where the President of the Club is not present.

Jane Mudge


Shall be responsible for the management of Club monies. They shall document all incomes and expenditures of the club, make payment of outstanding invoices, advise the Club on its current financial position & be responsible for the application of funding and grants.

Lisa Davis

General Athletics Manager

Shall be responsible for the organisation and management of members for all sanctioned relay days of Athletics South Australia. Shall be the point of contact for all Club members on competition days to assist them in any way necessary and shall keep a register of current club records and advise the committee on any new records performed by a member of the Club.

Bennett Maxwell

Development & Coaching Coordinator

Shall coordinate with the Club Coaches on a regular basis and look at possible opportunities to develop their skillsets and pursue new coaches for the Club. They shall coordinate with associated Little Athletics Centres and area High Schools to develop pathways for new members into the Club.

Max Stevens

Publicity & Media Officer

Shall be responsible for updating the Club website with current information and engaging with Club members through Social media avenues. They shall be responsible for designing all forms of publicity for the Club.

Kirsty Sideris

Social & Fundraising Manager

Shall be responsible for the organisation of all Club social functions including any General Meetings that are held within the time of their office. Shall be responsible for advising the Committee on fundraising opportunities for the club and assist the Treasurer in the application of funding and grants if applicable.